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The Story of Nollage

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I’m sitting here in my new apartment, in a new city, 

trying to understand where I am. 

Where my body is, where my emotions are, 

what my eyes are seeing.


A nice breeze, fall has arrived, and I almost taste my freedom.


There’s no one around and I can pretty much do 

whatever goes through my mind. 

Through my fingers to be more precise. 

I wonder what is behind the blank file,

so I decide to lay some pictures down and start playing.


I can feel my stomach getting filled with new vibrations. 

There is a whole new experience ahead of me and I’m eager to explore it. 

The pictures turn into shadows and the shadows into shapes.


I’m breaking everything and picking up the pieces.

Every element, every colour and texture 

have been pieced together and a creation is reaveled.

It’s a journey of sensations and I’m trailing every bit.


I’m making up some rules to give this game a clear path.

But I’m not entirely into clarity, I want to be surprised. 

I want to let my inner voice guide me, without conceiving where it leads. 

So the rules are constantly changing but I, I am always the same.

Following my truth.


My eyes are wide open and I’m starting to sense the story. 

A beautiful, powerful one that is woven from so many details,

that even I, don’t seem to figure everything that is being built in front of me.


Great excitement is taking place. 

I feel as if I could go on and on without stopping. 

There’s so much fun and pleasure creating without any plan. 

no expectations

no boundaries

just letting my inside express itself out.


Converse without words

behold without eyes.

Grasp my emotions from within 

and let them unite into a whole.


I face my fears

I take deep breaths 

I spread my wings 

and I set my spirit free.



NogaAvital | FreeSpirited

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