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Noga Avital | Free Spirited

Since I can remember i’ve dreamt big.

I dreamt about a world which I feel free in, to present my truth. 

To shout it with full confidence and reflect it by art which is unique

only for me, for the soul I was born with.


Already in elementary School I was drawn to the art of collecting pieces and make them into one. 

I learned art and graphic design in high school and that was the point which has proven me, IT’S IN MY BLOOD.


I’ve always loved to design so I did my first degree in graphic design and only years after I had understood 

the great contribution of it on my abilities as an artist. 

I learned how to take a creative mission and refer to it as an adventure. 

Keep riding in order to find my special way on the track 

and make it beautiful and accurate. I elaborated my ability to take 

all kinds of elements and make them tell a story so it would attract

the viewers and make them think about my message.


Another part of my love for art is fashion. I've always loved to play with my garments and combine what didn't make sense. I took a styling course to master the 'mix & match' art and deepened my knowledge. 

Fashion has always been a way for me to express my nature without saying a word so it has enriched my creativity and the freedom to create.


Over the past few years I’ve spent days and nights in an inner research

through several art mediums and that has brought me to be a professional 

who is never stop learning and practicing what I called, 

The art of connection. If it’s in the piece itself or in taking it 

and connect to other themes as writing, photography or styling, 

it always about breaking and bringing the parts together 

in an interesting unfolding game. 


Today, I can define myself as an artist. a creator.

a woman who follows her dream to be a voice in the world.

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