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Myself (Fine art digital collage)


A captivating digital collage blending the artist's name, Noga, with the thematic essence of collage. Rooted in contemporary art, each piece is meticulously crafted from photographs, transformed into dynamic vector graphics. Guided by the artist's intuition, these compositions are rich in detail, each element a fragment of a larger narrative, inviting viewers on a journey of self-discovery.

Born from her desire to express her inner voice, Nollage is more than just a collection of digital collages; it's a manifestation of her journey as an artist, storyteller, and explorer of the human experience. Each piece is intuitively crafted, a reflection of her subconscious and a narrative woven from countless separate moments, uniting to create a singular, profound experience.

Beyond mere visual appeal, Nollage serves as a catalyst for introspection and connection.

It draws sensation into space, inspiring creativity and fostering an atmosphere of healing and personal discovery. Each composition is a visual expression of a collective story, inviting viewers to delve deep within themselves for insights, messages, and a direct connection to their hearts.

Her journey as an artist began with a longing to be heard, a feeling that has driven her for years. From the depths of her being, she found the courage to express herself through art, transforming deep feelings into a personal and collective exploration of humanity's story.
The artist says: "It's a privilege to share my work with the world, to touch people’s heart and connect with others on a profound level."

Anchored in a lifelong passion for art and creativity, her path led her to explore various mediums, from graphic design to photography and fashion. Each experience enriched her understanding of storytelling and the power of connection. Through inner research and reflection, she discovered her individual voice and gained a deeper understanding of truth and self-expression.

As an artist committed to lifelong learning and growth, she has discovered and embraced
the art of connection—the ability to unite diverse elements into a cohesive narrative that speaks to the essence of existence.

"My journey is a testament to the transformative power of art, a journey of meaning, creation,

and the relentless pursuit of truth.

As I continue to follow my childhood dream of being a voice in the world, I am grounded in my being, dedicated to amplifying that voice and sharing it with the world—a voice with a louder,
more spirited sound than ever before."
 Noga Avital | Free Spirited

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