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The way to get inside ourselves is the same as letting go of the reins
and ride wherever our spirit takes us 

Wonderland (Fine art digital collage, framed)
Wonderland (Fine art digital collage, framed)


As children, we see the world in vibrant colors and imaginative shapes. However, as we grow older, the vibrancy fades, and everything begins to blend together.
We lose touch with the innocence we once had when
we were infants. That innocence when we knew we got everything we needed, when we knew we were always protected, and when we believed everyone and everything is for our best interests.
Back then, we didn't have the vocabulary to express ourselves. We surely needed the surroundings to help us navigate and fulfill our immediate needs.

I believe in nurturing the desire to preserve that childlike innocence, keeping the spark of our inner child alive and awake while cultivating our mature abilities and knowledge.

Embracing our inner infant, child, and adult, let us walk hand in hand through life, connecting their wisdom to enrich our journey with accuracy, creativity, and originality.
By doing so, we can courageously navigate our challenges of being an insider in the world, even when we feel like visitors.

What was your inner wish if you were to think as innocent
as a child?

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