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The more we allow ourselves to flow with the rhythm of our heart,
our heart will resonate us mystery and clarity as one.

We all waves (Fine art digital collage, framed)
We all waves (Fine art digital collage, framed)


When we journey through life with a constant desire for growth and self-improvement, we inevitably encounter different versions of ourselves.
Each version represents another facet of our identity that we seek to understand and integrate. Yet, amidst this process of discovery, We've found ourselves forgetting and neglecting previous iterations of ourselves  rather than embracing them fully.

As we continue on this journey, we aspire to hold onto and cherish every aspect of the self, recognizing that like waves, they all reside within us, each with its own unique rhythm and movement.
In honor of becoming a unified whole, these diverse aspects must flow together harmoniously and with mutual respect.
Only when we embrace every part of ourselves and allow them to coexist in harmony can we truly achieve inner peace and fulfillment.

What versions of you have you left behind and wish to welcome back as a whole being?

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