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Jumping is never the the scariest thing, but rather breathing through.
Feeling everything is the bravest existence of all.

Trust (Fine art digital collage, framed)
Trust (Fine art digital collage, framed)

TRUST | 2024

We go through our lives, trying to understand how to navigate them and seeking to find their purpose.
I believe that anyone on this planet has an individual meaning to life that is developed as the years go by.

From my vantage point on the world, painted by my creative mind, all of our aspirations that we encounter on the way are like a house created from the foundation stone with endless rooms, as every room is significant and connected to the rest. As each and every heartfelt wish we have as human beings gathers in the end to the same one.

Therefore, we all have a responsibility to do our best in keeping faith with our hopes and dreams, because every wishful thinking little as big, have the potential to rebuild at least one brick of our planet home. Live our authentic selves and contribute to the creation of a better world.

In which dimension of your life craves the spark of trust to unleash an awe-filled wondrous experience?

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