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As we follow our inner guidance with confidence and ease,
we allow our deepest wisdom to take the lead.
Thus our high energy becomes louder and resonant.

Up (Fine art digital collage, framed)
Up (Fine art digital collage, framed)

UP | 2022

At times when we feel we've grasped a comprehensive understanding of ourselves and are poised to evolve into a new version, unforeseen challenges emerge. These challenges compel us to delve deeper into our childhood narratives, uncovering aspects of ourselves we may have overlooked in our efforts to cope and survive.
The process of dismantling the patterns and behaviors ingrained in us by significant life events can be daunting. Yet, by bravely confronting our past and navigating through the often painful emotions, we embark on a journey of rebuilding ourselves into stronger, more resilient individuals.

Which aspects of your being yearn for
a transformative journey of unraveling and reconstruction, seeking profound insights into the emergence of a renewed self? 

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