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Our world is constructed by our imagination, which is unique for each and every one of us.
. Ensure that you are holding onto a dream worth living and dying for.

What do I want (Fine art digital collage, framed)
What do I want (Fine art digital collage, framed)


Every dream begins with a sense of bliss. Our childhood dreams encapsulate a unique perspective on the world, free from limitations and boundaries. They are filled with pure soul fantasies, offering us the freedom to live and give our best.
These dreams are the most precious treasures we hold dear, fragile yet honest wishes for a life worth living.

Throughout our lives, we search for meaning, appreciation, and happiness. However, we often find ourselves confused by the demands of the physical world and the comparisons we make with others.

I believe it is our duty to preserve our original dreams, allowing them to guide us on a meaningful journey filled with grace, modesty, and notable change.

Imagine living a life where no one is watching, where criticism holds no power over your most secret dreams.
How would you choose to live?

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